What to Wear to Hide Your Zodiac

Maison Escarlata is a brand that has flirted with the zodiac over time, with pieces named after signs and planets. And let’s be honest, the zodiac is partly about flirting, that’s why we care about it. Depending on your sign, you may be sick of hearing people’s opinions about what they think you are. Let’s imagine ways to wreck the recognition…

One quick point: a sun sign has certain engraved aspects that are difficult to erase, despite the moon and rising signs and all other aspects connected to each person’s astrological chart. Below are ideas on what each sign could wear to confront the supposed clichés and stereotypes about them, paired with some helpful pieces from Maison Escarlata’s online store.

Aries: Search out loose-fitting, flowing layers of pastels –clothes that create an impression of poor circulation. As if your body was buried in unawareness. Wouldn’t it be hard to project the idea you have no identity? Imagine playing the role of someone lost in a computer. Imagine dressing like a computer’s heart. Dress like a piece of paper crumpling and uncrumpling. The robin’s egg blue Vostok cape is a good place to begin an experiment in identity that might feel new, but wear it so that only your arms are revealed.

Taurus: Party hair, bangles, unfinished hems, hanging threads, tassels, oversized jewelry, rips and tears. These things are not you. Try them. Try guffaws. Try showing up in a way that causes a scene, but not elegantly. Taurus has a well-founded belief in the unadorned face, yet such sentiment carries a whiff of sternness. Try the Ikaro earrings, with the Ofiuco bracelet, and the Piscis necklace, all at the same time. Beaded jewelry has a sense of lightness, a sense of relaxing a bit from stubbornness (the common critique of Taureans). For a challenge, wear the Lamec pendant, with a bold geodesic presence that might challenge your minimalism.

Gemini: Gemini is a sign of cleverness, verbal and manual dexterity, even genius. There is a perception that Geminis have two faces, that they are inconsistent, so why not mock that by color blocking all in black for awhile, like the neighborhood mime, the beatnik on the block. People will pay attention if you dress like Audrey Hepburn in Funny Face. Pick one piece of jewelry that you enjoy, I recommend something that looks heavy. Remember, Gemini rules the hands, so rings play to your strengths. A bracelet might be deceiving, especially if you choose one that looks grounding. Avoid bangles. Go for a gauntlet-like piece like the Antennae cuff, which showcases your dignity & anchors that fountain of youth inside you.

Cancer: Start dressing like you could punch someone at any moment. Inspire fear: temporary (or real) tattoos, bomber jackets with spikes, leather fingerless biker gloves, kohl under the eye, more frowns, dress in murderous rage as some strange protectorate for the nurturing qualities you have. Start with Maison Escarlata’s Andromeda hoodie and layer menacing all over it. Think Kenneth Anger’s film Scorpio Rising.

Leo: Confidence is innate for Leos, who generally come across relaxed or grounded in their body. Floor length hems, complex layers or cuts, or vulnerable femininity in intense pinks and laces could be an interesting direction, like the Clementine Coat. Try clothes that make you appear caged or wrapped.

Virgo: Virgo is a true chameleon, and so the rarest thing for Virgo is to take a political stance of intense specificity. Virgos have a capacity to exude sheen and clean sex appeal, so use that to market the movement. Think deeply about what your cause is – and sell it, on your body, no matter how scary that sounds. A Virgo whose politics are militantly visible is a rarer breed, so use whatever fashion assistance you need. Try a talisman for bravery + grounding, like the Cain pendant Tiger Eye. Virgos often waste the power of their own darkness & wounds. Use them.

Libra: The world may not live up to the standards of Libra’s ruler, Venus, very often, so prepare for the disappointments by dressing a bit more defensively. Anticipate the way of things by exploring a darker palette: the black of the Plúton Coat, for example. Jewelry that creates an asymmetric barrier, like the Ulysses Necklace, might allow you to project how important you truly find balance to be, in a knowing wink. Rather than exploring aggression, Libra perhaps needs to foster of sense of fortress that they can carry around them in the world.

Scorpio: Scorpio is a sign of exquisite control. Scorpios could do well to consider where their armor is already impenetrable and how it could be rearranged somehow, to allow new or preferred sensations and experiences into their life. Whatever flaws a Scorpio has are generally not evident to others, so there is little to lose by relaxing into uncertainty or shared ground with others, as Scorpios have a powerful ability to remake social space through the intensity with which they execute their work and dreams. In this Jupiter in Scorpio year, single Scorpios could explore the Venus ring, which happens to be named after the planet ruling their opposite in the zodiac, Taurus. Imagine it as a crystal ball revealing lightness and ease and good things to come.

Sagittarius: Saggitarians are buoyant, eternally rebounding, risk-taking, and generally laugh a lot. People would be confused by a Saggitarius who tried to dress like a mad scientist or in silhouettes cut in any way … sinister. What would it be like to slick your hair way way back? To wear plastic high collar jackets? Try a synthetic, futuristic, or even “evil” appearance as a way to challenge your luck and keep in check your own optimism, which is misconstrued sometimes as naiveté or idealism. Try the Virgo Coat

Capricorn: Capricorns will surprise their friends by wearing more hats. Capricorns are slightly more likely to engage in fun-appearing jewelry than the other Earth signs, but their frivolity stops short with hats. Try the Ohsumi Coat (which feels very Cancer, your opposite sign) topped with a sun hat.

Aquarius: Aquarius has fun with clothes. Sometimes they mask what others find attractive in them with an over-dazzling sartorial sense. The famously creative wardrobes of Aquarius can sometimes be at odds with their high-minded goals if they come across unfocused, pastiche eyesore, or even trivializing the ways that others might not find clothes so flexible. Iconic Aquarius sexuality, like James Dean, keeps Aquarian mystery intact and firmly grounded on the planet. Are you playing it safe if it helps you get ahead? Minimal, classic pieces achieve a lot for Aquarius. Don the Omid earrings.

Pisces: Pisces fight pressures to wear clothes that do not let them dream, let them be their dream selves. Pisces confidence comes from living in their dreams, which their intuition often helps them achieve. Classic corporate wardrobes that play by the rules are not all that Pisces. If a Pisces needs to go to a board meeting, they might wish to choose the suitdress or the altered or dated blazer with sleeves rolled up over the suit. Clearly punctuated statements like the Circinus Earrings might feel unfamiliar but suit each part of

your varying workday checklist.

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